2013 Birthday Cakes

2012-11 Lynn Cooley's Visit

2012-10 Roel's visit

2012-09 Birthday cake for Xiaobing Dong

2012-08 Dumpling making with summer interns

2012-06 Yokohama ISSCR with coleagues and students

2012-04 Summer in the lab

2012-03 Lab outting trip to Hang Zhou

2012-03 Lab dinner at the Grandma's Restaurant

2011-11 Lab group photo with summer interns and rotation students

2011-09 Birthday cake for Wei Liu

2011-08 Roel's visit

2011-04 State Key Lab of Cell Biology retreat

2011-01 First lab group photo

2011-01 First CNY Dinner

2010-11 Weimin Jiang's birthday

2010-11 Home made UV box for GFP mouse genotyping in a SPF room without independent light switch